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Around Town
Public health
Science-y stuff
The Whole Ball of (Sealing) Wax
It's just an ad, not a taunt
Snakeheads keep coming back
Life is, anyway
Too terrible
Please read this
Alice's Restaurant
Yep, right around the corner, spring is
A crack of light through the dark
I don't like Power Bars
Just keep going
I saw my shadow
See? See? This is what I have been saying for two years!
Fingers crossed
My favorite line
Not exactly live blogging the rebroadcast of We Are One
Some little thing going on downtown
I don't need no four-day weekend
baby, if you ever wondered, wondered whatever became of me...
Soundtrack Meme
Why I didn't go into marketing
A pirate looks at 40
Skippin' Jenny
Buy me a ticket on the last train home tonight
I guess I'll exist in flashbacks and dream episodes
Why the dog hates Christmas
When life gives you lemons
Talk about the gang that couldn't shoot straight
Christmas traditions
You heard it here first
So I bought cole slaw, but it won't be the same
White Christmas?
Brotherly love
Story of the week
Picture this
Why did the girl throw the watch out the window? She wanted to see time fly!
I just need to vent
It's a car! A new car!
Another bad side effect of the Sopranos addiction
[Freakin'] temptation
Thirty years ago
Is there a geologist in the house?
Tonight was the night
I would like to repeat myself
A few random observations
Ah, this might explain it
Now I remember
No respect
I suppose I could become a clown on weekends. I do know how to twist balloon animals.
Ding ding ding!
Pardon the snoring
Nic is home
The hospital has wi-fi
Letting the blog go blank
Times being what they are
There was a time
This is as bad as crack
Some news about that other sport
I have a date
Fire Drill
T paperwork
Fear itself
No surprise here
Oh yeah...
To ponder
Worry beads
Sunday dinner
Why you don't stick your hand in a pile of sticks
Woo hoo
Quote of the day
You know the drill
Be ready for the detours
Is done
You know what I like
Say anything you want
To the Bastille!
I actually put this stress on myself
Tour de France trivia
A day late
The names on the jerseys/TdF
July 4 cookout
Lookin' out my back door
I interupt the baseball season
And sometimes, it rains
The oldest living major league baseball player
I won't even hike in shorts
It's July!
My 4 o'clock
And I have to wear my railroad train pajamas
But I do love a tasty burger
Here comes the rain again
It's the most wonderful time of the year
Nothing in the water but H2O
Another day, another computer story
Today's list
And yet...
Along came a spider
"Never underestimate the popularity of a 30–year–old TV pop cultural icon"
Boy is my face red
Memorial Day
Today I shall talk about something else
I got a Bull Durham quote for everything
Where'd I put the dust pan and broom?
In other non-news
Twilight zone
I knew it was coming
Questions without answers
Good for what ails ya
Why I'm not blogging
The trap is set
I'm starting to feel like one of the dumber villans in a James Bond movie
And in the end
This may have been why I quit going to the dentist
Elsewhere on the planet
It's almost like...
The sky is falling! The sky sucks!
Emotionality? Yeah, a little.
Wow, twenty-five years
Paging Father Guido Sarducci
In the late morning rain
Well, now.
Must be the chocolate
Be wery wery qwiet
As I sit on hold with tech support...
And I mean it literally
Opening Day
Look for me I'll be in centerfield
Hot damn
Get out of Dodge
A tree grows yard
Like taking candy from a baby
The weakest link
Full time job
Does anybody really know what time it is?
There's really only so much puttering one can do
Eatin' o' the green
To catch the [mystery animal] you gotta think like the [mystery animal]
Commence Carl Spackler impersonation
Winter, spring, summer, fall
Better living through chemistry
Stupid emotional investments
It's that hubris thing, isn't it?
To the locals
Melting pot
More Music
Hearts & Chocolate
I just had a thought
On the other hand
Don't mind me, I'm just grumpy
Lent for an atheist
Sure it's a big overblown spectacle and all
I started early-took my dog
Groundhog Day
Donner, party of four?
At least check out the "Patriotic Potato Chip & Pretzel Pie"
A rare political post
I was drunk the day my ma got out of prison...
Knit for stress relief
Atheists in foxholes
And what must the neighbors think?*
Getting old (which I am not)
Where do referees do their laundry?
Early Bird Special
In the Woods in the Winter
So it isn't a Disney movie after all
Happy New Year
These kids today
So it goes
Breathe out
You know what would make Christmas really special?
The references to brie are not a hint, no, not at all
Overheard at Target
Don't I feel like a jerk
The Mitchell Report
'80's night
The Song Remains the Same
My electric bill is high enough just powering the heater
Other Anecdote of the Other Jar
I want I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas
How many shopping days?
If it's not one heartbreak it's another
This is not depressing German poetry
More German poetry
Worth thinking about
Equal time
Happy Thanksgiving after all
Back to my happy place
Anybody wanna go to the hockey game tomorrow night?
Mixed message
For your viewing pleasure
On Sunday
What does it say about Monday?
See, adrenaline and jello
I think Beaker said it best
I think Ezra Pound said it best
More dental work
Go figure
Where does the time go
It is what it is
Well, now.
I'm just sayin'
Another hobby
Not really, I just like oldies
Day off
Aren't we supposed to be wearing jumpsuits by now?
Double plus ungood
Back to the ice
As the season winds down...
The last first pitch at RFK
Motion sick
So I'm a well-balanced nerd
Sort of like the first day of school
Mom always liked you best
Are we expecting snow?
There's no Santa Claus, anyway
I can name that tune in one note
"But I'm sort of making peace with that"
All's well that ends
Bits & pieces
Trash talk
I am Beaker
Tommy Makem
Only slightly tan, not particularly rested, and never really ready
I'm back
Vacation dispatch
Gonna take two weeks one week, gonna have a fine vacation
First class
Do I sound frustrated?
I'll bet
Sunrise, sunset
Parking cars, dumb dumb, what else does one do in a car park?
Kids' Menu
In which I am still not ready to go out in public
Gonna get me some of that Chateau Malescot St-Exupéry
In which I am the customer from hell
Tour de France preview
A bad iTunes habit
Lighten up
July 4
Whattya mean, July?
I had this post all written...
A casual Friday dilemma
Baseball like this needs beer
If you can't say something nice...
Workin' for the Weekend
And is it one word or two?
Fashion advice
My thoughts on the big stories of the week
That sometime is now
Before I go back underground for the week
You gonna blog this?
Maybe this calls for a trip to Blockbuster
I think I must turn away
You can dress me up but you can't...well, actually, you can't dress me up
CSC Invitational
It comes to this
Memorial Day
Don't anger the plumbing gods
Day is done
Great American Ballpark
Be true to your school
Best intentions
I gotta go to Kansas
Horse racing wins; hockey doesn't show
I don't hate losing
Dish wash blues
More worthy of Twitter
Happy Mother's Day
Damn paparazzi!
Feelin' near as faded as my jeans
If I were in Canada, each of those dollars would only be ninty cents
In my fantasy world...
I understand the meaning of the term "hounded"
Food chain
Same post, different day
That was the week that was
Lucky for me I'm not a bee
Nic, this is stupid stuff
A very sad goodbye
It isn't raining rain, you know, it's raining...
(This is really about baseball*)
Sick day
Easter Eggs
We were speaking metaphorically
We do feed the guinea pig organic dandelion
Why I love baseball, part...some-teen
Split screen
Opening Day
Loveliest of trees, the cherry now
Stupid swan
Hanging at dawn
A little hockey story
Send more bread
Worst Sports News I've Heard in Months
I come from the land of ice and snow
Ta da
Hey kid, rock and roll, rock on...
I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee
A reason to believe
Spring training
Rats at Taco Bell
Real estate wanted: happy place
Mardi Gras
When the one you love belongs to someone else
Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs*
For the record
It's a fair cop
Wisdom from a Metro Train Operator as the Snow is Coming Down
Might be better than Moon Pies
I'll have you know
Ok, I was just kidding
Radio days
SciFi meme
Name that Tune
Like a kid with a new box of crayons
The answer you've all been waiting for!
A bit of NHL All-Star game trivia
Chaos abhors a vacuum
What's that, Lassie? Nickie fell down a well?
String art
For there is nothing half so glorious
Not bad/Bad
I do this every year
As the commercials say: priceless
In which I lose it at the mall
Call me
Bah, humbug
News flash
Christmas meme
Lights are good
None of that stinkin' root beer
Little kids, rockin' out
Thanks to Tom T. Hall
Odds and ends, holiday edition
Health: mine, the dog's, New York's
Hanker for a hunk gram of cheese
Hockey night
The cost of recapturing youth
World AIDS Day 2006
Oh yeah!
Bedside manner
Happy holidays to me!
I told her to quit the boozing
Must be the neon sign over my head
For the record...
And I hate "The Hockey Song" too
I'm Big Pants People
On Friday, I'll be able to see in the dark!
Coaches hate those turnovers
Once a season
Dear Miss Manners
This. Is. An. Outrage.
Redskins Report
Fear the Turtle
In Flanders Fields
Big Wheel
I am proof that people can change
Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking
Out to lunch
I am a bad influence
Happiness is
Thing One and Thing Two
I just hate to scrape the windshield
Día de los Muertos
Red Red Wine
George Carlin said it
Hocus pocus, yawn.
Worst. Title. Ever.
I guess I can forgive them
This Old Haunted House
Let them fall where they may
Never thought I'd miss the rubber chicken
Too true
Easily distracted
Unfried green tomatoes
I'm cranky
Good bye, Kono
Crazy (bike) talk
Victor's Ride
That which does not kill me
64 miles
It's that transition time of year
I hear laughter in the rain
Hey, little girl, better wear something pretty
You can't always get what you want
Traffic jam
The Narrow World of Sports
Food for thought
More pictures
Get well soon, Nick
Two minutes for elbowing
It's better than it looks
Le Rocket
Don't touch my bags if you please, Mr. Customs Man
The GF remains enigmatic
Take off, eh?
Saw this too late
We will honor them by remembering their lives...
Cross training
We'll always have Insalata Caprese
That's the entrepenerial spirit
Ice, remembered
Signs of improvement
And in the end, it's me being the center of my universe again
Let's go to the Mystic Oracle
Wouldja believe
Quote of the day
Church ladies
If it makes you happy
Wheels, seasons, roads, and all those other metaphors for life
Enough about me
If the phone doesn't ring, it's me
Funniest thing I saw today
To do
A time to mourn
Not over
Stage 17
TdF quote(s) of the day
Anybody see the stage?
News flash
Fall down go boom
I love July
Stage 11
TdF quote of the day
Lordy, Lordy, she saw the light
Why do sharks live in salt water?
I see the light
This weekend didn't suck
It's business, not personal
Grey jersey
Stage 1, and we go for a mud bog
Yellow and Red
The drama!
Ok, a little more (or, Doping quotes of the day)
Last pre-Tour post
TdF quote of the day
Black bean & roasted corn salad
It's a whole new Tour--in more ways than one
The Tour is now a whole new ballgame
Rain delay II
First harvest
Stanley Cup
Remembering Len Bias
Kodiak with a Kodak
Seems I've got to have a change of scene
What is it I like about biking?
Rain delay
Which is worse
And then one day you find ten twenty years have got behind you
If I were artsy
Memorial Day
Just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in
That. Was. Painful.
I am not a Baltimore fan
Pumpkin spice cake
Happy Mother's Day
Somebody else can't open a Thermos!
What I haven't been doing
So hungry...
Can you see me now?
All waterfowl all the time
You know how some people can carry on a conversation with a brick wall?
We can grill!
The itsy-bitsy spider
It's going to rain all weekend
Game over
The Band at City Hall
My mandate also includes weird bugs
Good Friday
Another neighbor
Rainy day people
I'm glad it is raining
Play ball
Rain dance
I bet you I can tell you the score of the NCAA Final before it starts*
It's a roller coaster
The Dog
Now it's really not funny
Don't read this over breakfast
And now, my manic phase
Nothing but blue skies
I don't wanna work, I just wanna play with my camera all day
Eggs-plaining aperture*
Everything is dust in the wind
That scream you heard
Home ec
"Tofu and Cabbage" wouldn't cut it
Local knowledge
Girl Geeks, the next generation
I want those plumbers!
I warned you
Say cheese
Get outside, it's a beautiful day
Hush, not so loud, or everybody will show up
It's trade time
Get those neurons to straighten up and fly right
Four days to go
And a bit farther along the Gulf coast
Another Moon Pie-less Mardi Gras
Why I'm too tired to blog
I now return to February, already in progress
I've always liked Finland
Maybe this shows that I understand hockey about as much as I understand curling
And when Czech-Slovakia is over, I'll put in the Miracle DVD
Yum, words
I don't get why anyone would watch guys drive in a circle all afternoon
But you play the game on ice, not on paper, part 2
But you play the game on ice, not on paper
Chicken soup for the inflamed nasal passages
But if you were to give me chocolate, I would eat it, just so it didn't go to waste
Or maybe I'll blog my through the Olympics
This'll mess up reception
Not Yay! Hats
So many sports, so little time
Baa da da da da daaaa ba da dada da da da daa da da da
I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here
You want fries with that?
What should I have for dinner?
I'm offically ashamed of myself
What they said
No blog, soap!
For those of you who were watching television back in 1980
The mighty light of ten thousand suns
Gimmie the serotonin and nobody gets hurt
I think maybe
I'm going to bed, I'm pulling the covers over my head
Yucky macinernie
If there's an R & B Heaven
Or perhaps macaroni & cheese, we could talk about that
Bumper Sticker of the Day
These kids today
My note to the subscription department of the Washington Post
Mama don't take my 512 MB Compact Flash card away
My new hero
Can you tell me how to get, how to get to the Senate Hart Office Building?
Things you don't hear in every household
When you're lying awake with a dismal headache, and repose is taboo'd by anxiety
Stream of consciouness blogging
4 x
The year of the century
New Year's Resolution #1
It's the Hoppin' John
Happy New Year
Will the Circle be Unbroken
Appetizer Meatballs with disconcerting sauce
Science News quiz
All that clean living
Scenes from a family party
I like Christmas music
And not a drop to drink
Reruns are traditional
Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Taunt Cowboys
Outsourcing my blogging/5 Weird Things
Throw me a meme
Holiday diet tip
A-hunting we did go
Battle of the Bands
Fun with Screen Shots
Dashing through the snow
Happy Holidays!
Learning experience
The back cover
Dinner, c. 1943
We have a winner!
World AIDS Day toughts
World AIDS Day 2005
I must be a champion masochist
Happy Thanksgiving!
Loveliest of trees, the cherry now
Don't drink, don't smoke, what do you do?
MGM Grand
Random observations from my trip
Out of office auto reply
Once I was an early adapter
All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go
Three Sisters Stew
But I kinda like the music
Gales of November Remembered
Hockey Night in D.C.
The Great American Standard Operating Procedure
Ginger ale and saltines
Día de los Muertos
Caption contest
Rat models
Olympic History
Blast from the past
Putting the cart before the horse
Recipe roulette
Of course I've never seen it, I live here
Gone tomorrow
Hair today
Red wine & sweet potato fries
Anybody up for a hockey game?
Ok, I'm starting to warm up
Chocolate zucchini bread
The disease of the week is Alzheimer's
Looking at a long short season
I miss baseball.
More Return of the Snakeheads Looking for Revenge
How to pick wine
Get cooking
The Tour of Hope
Esophageal cancer
Tour of Hope
Summer lovin' had me a blast
Let's just close the book on September
Serves one, and God bless her
Sleep in for the Cure
Information highway robbery
And another thing
Half a story on half smokes
It's a dirt garden. Very Zen.
Sheer force of...yeah, whatever
Looking up
I'm not even gonna touch the local sports news
But will I be able to play the piano?
But will I be able to play the violin?
Homage to the muffuletta
Hardly serious
One Day's Pay
Ow, an update
Update on Nic
If you try, you can still make a bad weekend worse
Death throes
The compulsion to do something
I'm really cranky
Science & Politics
Interesting reading
Happy Birthday, MK
Don't I wish!
Niche, indeed
Shall I dance?
I used to get worked up like this about hockey, too
Suck it up, kid, it just gets worse
Best laugh today
Our county fair is a great county fair
Just dropped in for a quick one
The cat's pajamas
I will call her "Zorak"
New year
Most guys I know seem to think one is plenty
He is related to me, after all
Lines, a photo essay
It's a metaphor
To continue the vacation experience
I can see the ocean from here
If you are keeping score at home
On this day
I've been accused of having no sense of humor
People get so cranky when the weather is hot
May I propose a toast?
Time Trial
Flitting around from here to there
Back later
I love summer
Wimping out
Happy to help
Not making it
To the Bastille!
(My personality type, incidentally, is niche)
Talk about a cool summer job
This is why I'm at work in July, not in France talking to a TV camera
Mock Hollandaise Sauce
TDF quote of the day
What color is your bicycle?
Stage 6
The green bean harvest
Really, I meant them to look this way
One-mississippi, two-mississippi
Happy Independence Day
Stage 1
Happy new year
Quote of the day
I'll be seeing you
I was hoping for "I am a Lab Rat"
Context (more of my ranting about the Jeremy Roenick rant)
Yeah, this takes the sting out of the lockout
To sleep
Sunday evening coming down
How much is that doggie in the window?
Baby anythings are cute
90 degrees so I'm thinking about hockey
...and I assumed that this was a joke
Paging Al Jaffee
Monocacy Aqueduct
This must be why it is still in beta
Happy Father's Day/Phenomenally easy banana bread
Pass the Geritol
It's not the Midas touch, that's for sure
The very hungry caterpillars
Swiper, no swiping
I feel so dirty
Pea & Ranch Dressing Salad
Ok, I'll quit the whining now
So close and yet so...wet
Plenty of time for more stress
Why I love the Nats
In case you thought I was kidding
Name That Salad
Night Baseball
Have you ever heard of a wish sandwich?
Great, now I'm the Creepy Coworker
The music meme
An open letter
Is it universal?
Waiting for the other shoe to drop
CSC Invitational
Memorial Day
Maybe I'll use the bar to smash things
So I walk into a bar
A string walks into a bar
Today I'm all, like, waa, waa, waa
I'm, like, yeah, whatever
100% filler
The transformation- day 1
Can anybody get me up to speed on the Star Wars thing?
Tonight's dinner: Red red wine, and some more chocolate
Strawberries go well with wine
So, as I was saying: Big Tattoo Red
Purple flowers
Zoom in
Rats in the White House
The story
Saturday in the Park
Scatterbrained Friday
For MK
Maybe some Schoolhouse Rock videos...
Anterograde amnesia?
Mother's Day Burrito Brunch
Happy Mother's Day!
Carnival of Recipes
Friday Rat Blogging*
When live gives you lemons avocados, make guacamole
Another one bites the dust*
Punchy? I swear, I've had not a drop of punch.
Sunday dinner - Chicken paprikas
They are still catching snakeheads, but it's not the same
Carnival of Recipes
Workers Memorial Day
If I had a secretary this would have been on my calendar
Boring stories of
Sometimes I'm amazed
Baseball is being very very good to me
Blame it on Insalata Caprese
I can't boil water
Earth Day
Pretty colors
That big story everyone is talking about
Food pyramid
I'm sore and grumpy
A few canal pictures
C & O Canal
Way Cool - Old pictures of D.C.
It's a Nationals bandwagon, and I'm on it
First in war, first in peace
Happy birthday Twinkies
Spring is great, but...
I'll be the one in the tin foil hat
My new bike
And now for something completely different...frivolity!
d i i i a l u u u u u p
Life challenging
Anybody know what this weed is?
A better remembrance
An apology to William Carlos Williams
This made me smile
To carry on
As rambling and pointless as a regular post, but illustrated
Last minute Easter dinner
Jim and the Giant Peep
Good Friday
Come to think of it, I will take the veggie chili
Lord, won't you buy me...
My Peeps
Tag, I'm it.
I wrote this in 10th grade:
March is Nutrition Month
Day and nightshade
Life and death
It's my blog and I'll cry if I want to
My dog does not bark
A very quick rant
Monday, Monday
Hazy shade of winter
The kitchen of my dreams
From one loss to another
Listen to a basketball game at the office? Me?
Home improvement
Then again, maybe not
Wanna go out to dinner?
Triumph of hope over experience
Reliving my youth
Whose grandma, is the question...
The casserole princess rides again
Headline of the day
Casserole Princess
Say it ain't snow
Ace Bailey
Friday equals...
Fleece me, I'm a sheep
The Gretzky autograph
Hook a kid early...
Gordie Howe
I get misty-eyed even now
Except Mystery Date. I don't feel the need to play that ever again.
A passion for sport
It's soup
Random Saturday stuff
I would rock, if there was to be any rocking, but there isn't
Yum, veggie burgers
There is no ending to this story
Happy Valentine's Day!
As seen on Oprah
Tonight at dinner
Like my metaphors?
The title hooked me: Taste of Raspberries, Taste of Death
Mardi Gras already?
Spring will follow winter
He knows better than to ask why
Please do wear red tonight
The entry that isn't
Groundhog day
Who needs an iPod?
!@#$%^& hormones
I didn't forget the super foods
Hockey news
I stumped the IRS
Today's good thing
I have shoes.
Whattya know
Bring it on, Mother Nature
If it makes you happy
I love this data!
Es schneit
Not exactly a super food
Those Lock Monsters have our number...
Almost like work
Tea time
Super foods
Aw, shucks
I hope they bought some cookies
Look at this little face...
And on the 14th day of Christmas
About last night
Don't think. It can only hurt the ballclub.
Walt Starling
Not in ourselves, but in our stars
Top hits of January 4, 1969
Trash Talk
Happy New Year
Dad's London Broil
That's it?
Best laid plans of mice rats and men woman
More on the Polish foods before I skip town
The Eight Polish Foods of Christmas*
Happy Christmas
This makes me miss it even more
Planes Trains & Automobiles
My life in a tree
I'm an Oompa Loompa
Don't stop the carnival
Christmas pun
Death Sofa
Kaopectate can help that
Record grandma's recipes for posterity
It helps, to a point
Grab bag
Did I send them one?
Rainy days and Tuesdays
Quote of the day
The Rat Who Ate Christmas
Beigli and Chrusciki
Sunrise, Sunset
They're talking about talking!
World AIDS Day 2004...continued
World AIDS Day 2004
Rabies Recovery
Regardless of whether Santa comes
What I did on Black Friday
Happy Thanksgiving
My favorite Thanksgiving Tradition
Stop me if you've heard this one...
Normally, yes, but today the cat ate it
Thickening the soup
Another Saturday
Why am I still up?
Form Follows Function
Nuke had it right after all
Sweet potatoes
Heart Walk
Speaking of shopping
How many shopping days...?
You Can't Shouldn't Go Home Again
Little people
the 11th day of the 11th month
And on sunny days...
Edmund Fitzgerald
Somebody tell me No
Stay home
Another Whoopass Jamboree loss
Thanksgiving Rehearsal
Heart of gold
I said Hockey, so here is Hockey
Another version of my last post
What I hope to hear today at 3
Paprika crisis
Is there something funny about this picture?
To vote or not to vote
Somebody? Anybody? Trick or treat?
I'm still standing/Happy Halloween
Saturday's Walk for Diabetes
Maryland upsets FSU!
Close enough for quasi-government work
Baby pictures
Recipe for peanut butter & jelly
Vegetarian recipe - Falafel
Who is tougher, the rhinovirus or me?
Game on, uh, play ball
Hockey ass whooped
Vegetarian recipe - Bean-instead-of-hamburger goulash
I want pyramid-shaped grapes, myself
What I won't be having for lunch
Vegetarian recipe - Spinach, bean, ricotta,, I admit it, I was cleaning out the fridge
Go west, young snakehead
That eternal question
Walk of the week (with water fowl)
Keep your jinx to yourself, kid
I'm just posting to make the date change color, I admit it
Halloween costumes
Maybe I should just come back tomorrow
Wangari Maathai & the origin of HIV
Vegetarian recipe - Alfredo casserole
Race for the Cure
Wangari Maathai wins Nobel Peace Prize
Vegetarian recipe - 4-bean chili
Ig Nobel awards
Vegetarian recipe - Wild Rice & feta salad
My new rodent friend
Meatless Monday
Vegetarian "recipe" - Pizza
Vegetarian recipe - Spinach-feta pie
Richard Avedon
Red & Blue
Vegetarian awareness
A sincere request for help
Hey, Margarita!
Fantasy and reality
Happy birthday!
Back to the '80's
No gingerbread, but a good day nonetheless
Check, please
Parades and Panoramas
More about the blood testing
Say it ain't so
Maybe I'll keep that neighborhood gym membership
Maybe fantasy football is the way to go
Happy Birthday Pixy!
When you got nuthin'
Randomly blowing around thoughts: hockey and hurricanes
One ringy dingy
Sing along with Nic
Old school football
A week of reflecting on peace
Peace - Part 6
Peace - Part 5
Peace...part 4
You don't have to be a hippie to believe in peace - Part 3 - Macro to micro
You don't have to be a hippie to believe in peace - part 2
You don't have to be a hippie to believe in peace
Let it begin with me
Walk the walk
Obsolete office supplies
At it again
Folk remedies
Brotherly love
For Ted and Victor
In my day...
What's wrong with this picture?
Positive thinking
In the market for shoes?
How I got fat on my summer vacation
What I did on my summer vacation
Here I am, packing the car! Best vacation ever!
I'm back
I know I need a small vacation
Do people resemble their pets?
Another reason I'm glad I don't have kids
If Ted told me to jump off a bridge post a meme
Summer rerun
Item #1 on the to-do list
La di da
I'm at the office...
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Maybe I'll order a pizza
Meanwhile, in another bumper sticker
Ding a dong moooooon
Clarified mud
Death, we need to make peace
Yee Haw
The music of my life
Just another day
Rainy days and Mondays
le Tour finis
Cole slaw
Rah rah ree!
Back to the race
The race goes on
Is this true?
Go outside and play
If all else fails, cross-post
A quick rant
Super Size Me
Work on Saturday
365 days already?
Der Teufel (The Devil)
The Someone-Other-Than-Lance Chronicles
My other July preoccupation
Black & Blue
Good news
"I'll alert the media" says Hobson
If you don't see me...
Today is June 27
Now I'm bugged
Get tested.
The "F Word"
Work like you don't need the money
This is not a meme
The Last Cicada
Saturday at the WWII Memorial
Saturday in Dupont Circle
Update on the twins
"There is a purpose to everything, and the key is understanding it"
Long Tall Carryout Coffee Cups (I Can Dance)
The movie meme
I'm glad I'm not in IT
A bookish meme
I don't like spiders and snakes
Sweet potatoes
ne1 bothered? y?
I've read real poetry that wasn't this good
Saturday's Wildlife Pictures
I don't blog on Friday
Sigh. Heavy sigh.
How soon the cicadas must die
Bike shopping
Pretty pictures!
Race for the Cure
Ronald Reagan
The exorcism is done
More cicada lessons
Oh What a Beautiful Morning
Demons Out!
Memorial Day
Carp and CAM
Are you completely sick of cicadas yet?
Random things
I think there is a lesson in here somewhere
Washington, D.C.
Wow, I wish I'd invented this
It's not easy being green
In which I vist Kermit
More Suburban Wildlife
The busy, busy month of May
Arnold Beckman
What is wrong with people?
Poor Martha
That sound you hear
HIV Vaccine Awareness Day
Phoning it in
Swan Lake
The Iguana
More on pedometers
Maybe I didn't actually say this, but I wanted to
Where is my fishing pole?
Ain't superstitious...
I am not a geek...or am I?
Sometimes humans are not my favorite animal
Green beans through the ages
I'm just sayin'
Step up
Mother's Day Menu
By the third week, it's a tradition
A day of prayer
Everybody Comes to Rick's
Cinco de Mayo
About Face
It doesn't look like this should have taken the whole day, and yet...
Rainy Days and Mondays
Walking in the rain, with chili
Kinetic Sculpture Race
Friday already?
They know me too well...
Attack of the Demon Snakehead Fish
The Snakeheads are back!
Sticker shock
All waterfowl, all the time
My To Do List
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme
Mary McGrory
Don't think and drive
Apropos of Nothing
Out of the mouths of babes
Natures's gym
Thanks, I needed that
That fruit salad with those little marshmallows*
2fer post: Quorn and McDonald's
Lightening up
Section 8
Is whining about work work-related use of the Internet?
Wow, I thought it was just me
Duck duck goose
Almost Darwin awards
Hell of the North
Thanks for clearing that up
Hyakujo's Fox
Why it's nice to have a camera
Take my job. Please.
Good Friday
And I'm not blonde
Watching a train of thought derail
Playoff time
Grocery shopping
Not with a bang, but a whimper*
Walking on
Free Radicals
Quick one
Never to old for patches
Vice & Virtue
Spring colors
Cherry Blossom time
Slackass lazy spinach-mushroom non-enchiladas
Some days are better than others
Sorry you missed it
I feel shame
Never mind.
Oh oysters come and walk with us
Caps game notes
Island of Misfit Toys
Jumping the shark
This is a relief
Lost Weekend
Eating (and drinking) for a cause...
A good excuse to eat with something other than moderation
I blame Sesame Street
Behind bars - and another roundup of mini-posts
in Just spring...
Happy birthday, or not
Deja vu
And another one gone
Good luck, Sergei
It's not personal
Hey, you got beans in my brownies...
A variety of little mini-posts on my usual topics
Guest blogger: Jim
Laugh about it, shout about it, when you've got to choose
Good advice
Ah, a simple tuna sandwich
A'yuh, y'all can have some fun with this
Stress Management for Dummies
Black and white
The other extreme
Throw me some beads moon pies, Mister!
Saying goodbye
An itsy-bitsy teeny-weenie rant
Not dead after all...
I feel so...less clean
Name that Tune
Too old to rock & roll, too young to die
Valentine's Day
...but some food is better than others...
Food is good!
Hold on, I have a picture of it somewhere...
Holes in my head
All my blogs are going to be rat infested
I do still love hockey
No workout
My thoughts on Miracle
Pop about
Wild rice and feta salad
Keep me away from sharp things
It will be August
It could be worse, I could talk about the halftime show
February is Heart Month
Forget the triple cheeseburger
Hold on
Oh the Places I've Been (and Not Been)
Super Bowl
Today's workout
White beans and pasta, and some observations on my writing style
The word of the day is...
You wanna know about sealing wax?
Oooooh, endorphins
The cost of obesity: $175
We got movie sign!
I'm not sure how to take this...
Easiest babysitting job ever
A day is just a day
Wasting time
But Alley Oop rode a dinosaur!
Quickie gym
There's got to be a morning after
Taxation without representation
Got nuthin'
All better?
!@#$%^&. And then some.
My dream job
I'm not being unfaithful
Last giddy Joe Gibbs entry, I promise
Happy dance
Undeck the halls
I wish I could just go to the vet
Taking stock
On this day in 1971...
When is a Duh not a Duh?
An open letter to Ralph Friedgen
Hoppin' John
The undocumented life is not worth living?
Breathe in. Breathe out.
Light up the world
What page are we on again?
Says Franklin
Some things political
Monday morning coming down
Sunday night, random thoughts
On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...
Key Lime Pie
Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Another birthday
Nic's soapbox
Beigli & Chruschiki, the Recipes
Beigli & Chrusciki
Happy Chanukah
Rat therapy
Stuffed ham
Happy birthday
Creme de cacao truffles
Some politics, some religion, some thoughts
Oatmeal raisin cookies breakfast disks
The Zen of Steve Spurrier
Christmas Carols & Comic Books
Holiday greeting
Oh Christmas Tree
The play's a thriller.
In today's spam...
So long
Not that I've ever used one
Those oldies but goodies
Sealing wax?
Oh my shrunken brain
Winter wonderland
Buy milk! Buy bread!
A few more links
World AIDS Day
Flatly fine
No leftovers
The Pie
Eddie Gallaher
Happy dance
Fire it up
Another rant
Coolest game on Earth
Walk in the park
For all your holiday gift needs
It's that time of year
Blogging, and I hab a code
Greek to me
Day at the theater
Boat drinks*
Well that wasn't so bad
Gettin' up for the game!
Your tax dollars at work
If I'm a geek, why can't I fix the magic box?
Comfort Food
Spring and Fall
Hey, aspirin is just willow bark
Weekend update
See the tree, how big it's grown
Book report
Bad feelings (another grammar rant)
Some safety tips for Halloween
A tale of two sandwiches
Sing along with me...
Who I am
Maybe it's better to just stick with the Irish Spring
Serenity NOW dammit!
this weekend's doings
Something for the hockey fans
we are experiencing technical difficulties
Super Secret Chili Spice Mix
Another long trip down memory lane
Bikes...on target
What happens if I...
This will be of no interest
My desk on a Monday morning
Chili today, hot tamale
No, really, I don't care
Get that man a Strunk & White
Now the good news
This won't get me back to church
Bean burritos (again)
Game on
What I am doing at work today
Sunshine & cynicism
Hooky, hockey, and heathy living
snake oil
If only
Joking around
back to work
the lack of calm after the storm
vino, vidi, vici
I feel very lucky
(fingers drumming)
Ocean City
The waiting is the hardest part
The calm before the storm
Trying to reason with hurricane season
Out of their league
Up, down, and around
The Man in Black
Turn, turn, turn
September 11
my favorite poem
Sunday dinner
Turn over a new leaf
Friday wrap-up
Not worth it
What's the plural of burrito?
Fresh tomatoes
Screwing around
Traveling through another dimension
Breakfast drama
Not something you see every day
No title
sick. tired.
100 Facts
back to school
Another Pleasant Valley Sunday
Go girls go
Thou shalt, uh, shalt not...
Water, part 3
Water, part 2
Dreaming of food
Home again
A few rainy day notes
Not sure about this
My favorite rat
Maryland, My...where?
Embedded image
Popup image
Just some random stuff
Stream of consciousness
'Tis done
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
Quick thoughts on the Tour
When is a door not a door?
Why am I here?
South Pacific
Living in a box
The last ankle pants
In the name of
"Men riding bicycles"
Our house is a very very very fine house
How does your garden grow
Jumping In