February 22, 2007

Real estate wanted: happy place

I nearly always have a headache. Occasionally they are migraines (this was more frequent when I was a kid; at 10, the doctor put me on Inderal to prevent them), and I used to have a butalbital prescription. Now that I've worked in the pharmaceutical field for 14 years, I prefer not to medicate unless it's absolutely necessary, like when the headache affects my vision...NSAIDs mess up my stomach, and I don't want to take acetaminophen every day.

Lately I've been getting some vicious headaches, and the NSAIDs and acetaminophen aren't helping. I let the damn butalbital prescription lapse.

Several years ago, I once had a headache relieved by guided imagery. That was back when I was a full-blown cynic, too, not the holistic wacko I've become. I found a recording of a guided imagery for pain relief exercise online, so I gave it a shot.

Pretty music, trickling water sound effects, the Relaxation Lady had a nice voice. Very soothing.

She said to picture yourself in a quiet, safe place. It might be real or imagined, indoors or out...

I try to think of a place. Stress! I don't know! Oh, ok...my bed. Yeah, my bedroom is quiet and safe, and best of all, it doesn't require my imagination, because it's where I actually am. Perfect.

So I start drifting off to the bird noise and the water and the Yanni music. I breathe deeply, I feel my toes, I'm radiating something.

Then the Relaxation Lady starts talking about the sun. Dammit, there's no sun in my bedroom. Ok, I'm on a beach now. Excellent, she wants soft sand and water, so she must be thinking beach as well. I'm relaxing on a beach...

Now she's talking about smelling the pine tress. There aren't pine trees on a beach! Shit. Ok, picture woods...but serene woods...I don't want to lie on the ground in the woods. I've done that, and you get sticks in your hair and bug bites.

Crackling fire? She just said something about hearing a crackling fire? Woods on fire is not freaking peaceful!

Oh, a soft armchair in front of a fireplace. That would be lovely, but I'm a little keyed up from the forest fire. My heart is actually pounding.

The tape ended with some congratulations about taking care of myself, but frankly, the stress of jumping from happy place to happy place left me exhausted...and gave me a headache.

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