September 24, 2004

Parades and Panoramas

I don't buy records very often anymore...CDs, I mean. (That I still call them "records" tells you something right there.) It's not that I don't like music, it's just that in my record-buying days (ah, disposable income, the days of working but living at home, rent and board-free) I bought enough to last me. And I know there is new stuff coming out now woth listening to, it's just that I really don't even listen to what I have already.

Once in awhile, though, I do hear about something that intrigues me enough that I will go to a record...sorry, Most recently is was this NPR piece on Dan Zanes and his recordings of songs from Carl Sandburg's American Songbag.

Of course, I couldn't actually find Parades and Panoramas in the record stores. I looked in vain for the folk section, even asked for a clerk's help, though I'm pretty sure he was thinking "Why aren't you shopping online, you niche freak?" So I did, and though I had to wait a few extra days, it was worth it. My CD arrived stuff!

Willy the Weeper is obviously related to Minnie the Moocher, Lo que digo is beautiful (and since I don't know Spanish, a complete mystery), and my favorite, The Monkey's Wedding, is just goofy. I've been humming it all week.

Posted by Nic at September 24, 2004 08:15 AM
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